Cultivating stories that matter —

that’s what I do.

I love that good stories can take us places we never imagined as we dive deep into our inner worlds. In an instant, a story can have us crying, laughing, cheering, planning, or questioning. Stories can open us up or shut us down. They are powerful, and the best ones help us find our way through the world.

I enjoy working with authors who have something to say, whether it’s through a non-fiction book about a process or methodology that improves lives or a great work of fiction that expands readers’ imaginations. I appreciate the courage, time, and energy it takes to create a masterpiece, and I love being part of that process.

My Background

I ask big questions and seek big answers, and my deep passion for all things creative drives everything I do.

I founded and spent two-and-a-half decades building a creative services agency that worked with corporations and small businesses. We created collateral materials, developed marketing strategies, produced and implemented print advertising campaigns, and helped publish several books. My serial entrepreneurial quirk has also birthed a T-shirt company and a small travel publishing company.

Now, I’m feeding my lifelong love of books and stories by helping authors create their own books and businesses.


This is me, Bobbi Benson, sitting in my treasured red Eames chair outside – my favorite place to be.

I am a…

  • Designer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creativity Maven
  • Core Finder
  • Business Coach
  • Project Manager
  • Visionaire
  • Story Crafter
  • Big-Picture Idea Holder
  • Facilitator
  • Magic Finder

My Skills

Creative and entrepreneurial guiding:

  • I’ve gained a lot of wisdom over the course of my creative and entrepreneurial adventures, and I’ve got great instincts for what will and won’t work. I know how to ask the right questions, and I listen deeply to the answers.
  • And if an endeavor seems to be veering off course, I’m also good at warning and redirecting without squashing those all-important creative impulses.

Big- and small-picture thinking:

  • Creative battles are won or lost by dint of details, details, details! I can handily juggle just about every aspect of creating a book, or a business, or a movement.
  • I’m good at wrangling all the moving parts, and I see how they fit into the whole — an essential skill, whether you’re identifying relationships among thoughts and ideas, turning a manuscript into a book, or developing a large-scale strategy for your endeavors.

A sharp graphic eye:

  • My cover designs offer a graphic take on the contents of your manuscript. I also know when a graphic will tell the story better than a string of words, and I’m well versed in the rules of typography and the art of creating beautiful pages of text.

Assembling a top-notch team:

  • I know how to select the right people for a project and how to keep everyone moving forward. I identify talented people to support authors in roles such as editor, proofreader, and writing coach.
  • I know who’s doing what, when each part needs to be done, when to push, and when to give a little space.

My Passion

In my coaching, I facilitate a process of opening up to possibilities and playing in the flow of ideas. I’ll help you bridge the gap between right-brain thinking (creativity) and left-brain thinking (logic/business world); I’m comfortable in both worlds, and I relish jumping back and forth as ideas develop and present themselves for contemplation.

Creativity flies untethered, and then, when an idea sticks, we’ll grab onto it, put it up on a pedestal, and examine it together from all sides. After that, it’s time to dive inward and begin the process of mindful questioning.