“Design is a creative response to a strategic question.”

My zeal and focus is helping authors get their books out into the world, but I occasionally do other design projects. It’s my love and passion and sometimes I just can’t say no to a fun project – plus I get to work with some amazing people and organizations. Below are some samples of current projects.

The Cornerstone of Branding: Logos

Blue Ribbon Builders, Broomfield, Colorado

Creative Spirits, Sonoma County, California

COMakerHub logo

Colorado Maker Hub

WannBe Retreats Logo

Peace Together logo


Marketing Collateral Materials

Alliance for Sustainable Colorado save the date post card, invitation. Used in both print and electronic.

CBRYC, 2014-15 flyer, ad

CBRYouthConnect ad and mailing flyer with new graphics of programs.

Quest club, pc, front

Quest club, pc, back

Quest Club poster

Williamette Valley Quest Club poster and post card.

Organizing data for readability and understanding: Infographics