Our Self-Publishing Process

Curious about how the process of getting from idea to manuscript to published book and platform works? We’ll walk you through it.

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Publishing Your Book

Our formula for your success is simple: write impeccably well, continue to learn your craft, approach the publishing endeavor like an entrepreneur, and then write some more.

Our approach to helping you get there is unconventional: we see each project as part of a bigger picture, and we’ll help you ask and answer the questions that bring that picture into focus. It’s all about the “Why.”


What’s My Why? Tapping Into Your Intentions

We begin here, with a bit of coaching. Together, we’ll align your intentions by exploring your motives for writing a book and discussing what you want it to do. Valuable nuggets emerge from this questioning. Sometimes, it’s not even about the book — it’s about your passion, your life’s mission, or your message. This information gives us the broader context needed to keep you on task as you develop your unique voice and one-of-a-kind brand.

We’ll uncover the bigger picture, then weave the pieces into a cohesive plan.

Developmental Support: Assembling Your Editorial Team

Developing a strong manuscript takes time. Once you have your thoughts in order and organized into manuscript form, the fun really begins. The advice of an editor and/or coach becomes essential as you play with structure, flow, and grammar. Then, a proofreader will comb the manuscript for those pesky remaining typos and inconsistencies. We’ll help you select the right people for each task.

Then, it’s time to talk platforms.

Own Your Own Space: Becoming an Entrepreneurial Author

You may have an incredible story to tell, but if nobody knows a thing about you or your book, all that momentum will collide with a brick wall.

The time we spent developing your “Why” becomes invaluable as we work to set up your business and build your platform. After we’ve identified your unique voice, mission, and goals, we’ll build the foundation of your business: your website and social media platform. Then, you’ll build a following by connecting with your readers and other potential book buyers. Like any business endeavor, this takes time. But you’ll understand the big picture and how all the moving parts fit into it, so you’ll be ready to roll with the punches and celebrate the successes.

Quote, #1, E. Morgenstern 2Detailing: The Nitty-Gritty of Getting It Done

Cover and interior design of your book are just two of the many details will need attending to as you create your business and publish your book, and the implications of the decisions you make at this stage stretch far into the future.

Sifting through and helping you make sense of the publishing world’s constantly changing configurations is a big part of what Wild Ginger Press does. For example, we’ll go over your options when it’s time to get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) — your book’s essential calling code. We’ve also ferreted out the best options for distribution of your print book and your eversions as well as print on demand (POD) alternatives.

Don’t Stop Now! Finishing Up and Looking Ahead

Because you’re now approaching your endeavor as an entrepreneur, you’ll no doubt be thinking forward to your next book. Building off of the mission and foundation you’ve identified will help you to develop your next project — which your readers will no doubt be awaiting. You’ll learn to repurpose what you’ve already created and to anticipate the next steps.

And then, you’ll write, write, and write some more.