Rethinking the Publishing World

In just a few short years, everything about book publishing has changed — and that’s awesome news! But it can also be intimidating. The self-publishing world is rife with rabbit holes that can devour your time, money, and energy. Wild Ginger Press will help you avoid tumbling into one of those craters.

We take an entrepreneurial approach to the self-publishing process, assisting authors as they develop ideas into manuscripts, manuscripts into books, and books into author platforms that grow over with book

Why Hire Professionals?

It’s about credibility, and ensuring that your presentation shines as much as your ideas do. If your book looks professional and reads well, people will trust you. If your book looks amateurish and reads poorly, people will rank you as average at best. It’s harsh, but it’s true.

The last thing you want to do is create barriers that make it harder to connect with readers. Give your readers the best experience you can, and you’ll create the relationships that will grow your business.

What Wild Ginger Press Offers:

Collaborative Partnerships

  • Helping you develop your ideas, beginning wherever you are. You may have a manuscript ready to go and just need creative services. Or maybe you already have a book, but you’re struggling with business and platform development. We can step into the process at any point.
  • Teaching you how to think like an author-entrepreneur as you put together your book, build your business, and devise a strategy for long-term success as an author. Often, this means thinking bigger than a single published title.

person with readerManuscript Services

  • Looking over your manuscript and offering overall opinions about what’s good, what’s missing, and what needs to happen next.
  • Offering suggestions for the next steps, which may include hiring a writing coach, editor, or proofreader to help strengthen your manuscript.
  • If you don’t know where to start, we’ll coach you into finding your voice and structuring your manuscript as you turn your idea into a story.

Creative Services

  • Designing your book’s cover and interior pages. This includes your book’s front, back, and spine, plus beautiful pages of text in which typography and readability are the focus. The design will visually represent the story, and you’ll be part of the process, receiving options to think about and comment on as we go. Each design is uniquely created for that book.
  • Creating charts, graphs, small illustrations, or infographics that enhance your book’s message and build reader engagement.
  • Producing all your support materials, such as website development, marketing materials, Facebook mastheads, bookmarks, business cards, and other elements that will help build your brand.
  • Converting your book into appropriate E-version files, including all the charts, graphs and photos in your manuscript.

Account Services

  • Developing a timeline so you can control when your book will deliver and what the distribution channels will be.
  • Acquiring your book’s ISBNs and LCCNs — if you choose that option. You can also use a Wild Ginger Press ISBN.
  • Setting up all the accounts you’ll need for POD (print on demand), distribution, and e-book distribution.
  • Managing the production if a book goes through the offset printing process, plus help setting up warehousing and distribution.

Platform BuildingA man reading book with hot tea cup in another hand

  • Coaching you as you create your author business, find your Why (the core of what you want to do), and develop a plan.
  • Helping you build the foundation of your platform (all authors need this; it’s how you connect to your audience and build your business). This foundation includes your website plus social media development, which you’ll build over time.
  • Continually offering ideas, suggestions, and new approaches through a free, informal, occasional e-newsletter.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Interested in getting feedback on your project and learning more about Wild Ginger Press? Get in touch for a no-charge initial consult. We can communicate by phone, Skype or email.