Kyle Pearlman & Harry Zuckerman

Softcover  /  8 x 10  /  44 pages
Available as a print book.
Illustrators: Cristina Soares, Kyle Pearlman & Harry Zuckerman

Wild Ginger Press Notes: The authors and illustrators, Kyle and Harry, wrote this book to share their unique friendship story. Harry was born with a heart condition and has spent much time in the hospital, and Kyle has been there as his friend through it. As they were preparing for their Bar Mitzvah, they decided to write this book and share their story with other children that may have experience the same thing. They go to children’s hospitals, read their story and sell their book. All the proceeds go to The Babies Heart Fund of Columbia University and The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Hackensack University Medical Center. Wild Ginger Press loved being part of this project.